KSEA NC Chapter

KSEA NC Chapter

The KSEA NC Chapter, recognized as one of the six super chapters within KSEA, currently boasts over 300 active members as of 2023. Approximately 68% of our members are graduate students enrolled in universities within the Triangle areas of Raleigh, NC, while the remaining 32% consist of faculties at universities in NC and employees affiliated with industries in RTP areas.

Our chapter is dedicated to organizing diverse events encompassing culture, humanities, and support initiatives for international students from Korea in NC. Our outreach extends beyond science and engineering communities to various groups within the greater Raleigh areas. 

Over the last 50 years, KSEA NC Chapter has played a significant role in KSEA's leadership, with a total of 8 of our members serving as the president of KSEA.

NC Chapter Logo


Designed by Minyoung Suh, Associate Professor, NCSU

2023- 2024 KSEA NC Chapter


Sung-Ju Kim 

Associate Professor School of Social Work North Carolina State University 

Vice President

Donghwan Moon

Assistant Professor Department of Architecture North Carolina State University 


Jackie (Eunjung) Relyea

Assistant Professor College of Education North Carolina State University 

NMSC Director 

Hwanhee Hong

Associate ProfessorBiostatistics & BioinformaticsDuke University 

Industry Visit Program Director

Sunkyu Park


College of Natural Resources North Carolina State University 

Soolyeon Cho

Associate Dean of Research 
College of Design 

Student Representatives- NCSU, UNC, DUKE KSA

Jaekuk Lee

NCSU Rep.Ph.D. StudentCommunication, Rhetoric, Digital Media

Eunso Shin

DUKE Rep.Ph.D. Candidate Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gyeonghun Kim 

DUKE Rep.Ph.D. StudentDepartment of Physics

Jiwoong Lim

UNC Rep.Ph.D. Candidate Eshlman School of Pharmacy

Gayoung Lee

UNC Rep.Master StudentGillings School of Global Public Health

Uijeong Jo

UNC Rep. Doctor of Pharmacy Eshelman School of Pharmacy