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2024 KSEA Election: vote now to help you and your chapter

Dear KSEA NC Chapter Members 


Please VOTE ONLINE for the KSEA President-elect, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Auditor, and 4 Technical Group Councilors

1. Visit (or click “Election” menu at and log in with ID and PW.
2. Click “Vote” button for online vote.
3. Follow the on-screen voting instruction and submit.

The 2024 Election will take place between March 18, 2023 and April 12, 2024 at 11:59 pm (EST), during which time you can examine the qualifications and contributions of KSEA candidates on their profile pages and bylaws amendment. It is important for you to participate in order to support the organization

According to the KSEA Bylaws Article 11.5* for the quorum requirement, we need to meet a minimum 10% of voting members’ participation for the election to be valid.

*Article 11.5. Quorum. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws or by law, at all general assemblies, the presence, including electronic presence, of one-tenth of the voting members at the commencement of such meeting shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.

According to the KSEA Bylaws Article 30*, we need to meet a minimum 20% of voting members’ participation for the bylaws amendment to be valid

* ARTICLE 30.  Amendment of Bylaws

The quorum for approving amendments to the Bylaws shall be 1/5 of all voting members.  Amendments shall require approval of at least 2/3 of the total votes cast. 

Prizes to Yourself and Your Chapters:


Thank you for your participation!!

KSEA Election Committee

2024 KSEA Scholarship and Fellowship Announcement 

KSEA is pleased to announce the 2024 KSEA Scholarships and Fellowship program.

Multiple awards for Postdoc Fellows, Graduate students and Undergraduate students majoring in science, medicine, engineering, or related fields will be provided in 2024.

The KSEA scholarships and fellowship recognize outstanding students and postdoc fellows of Korean heritage who are excellent in academics and research as well as in service to the community and have the potential to become future leaders of society.

There are three award categories this year.

1. KSEA Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in the US. (30 awards, $1,500 per each)

- KSEA Named Scholarships (20) and KSEA-Rim Scholarships (10)

2. KSEA-KUSCO Scholarships for Graduate Students in the US. (20 awards, $2,000 per each)

3. Postdoc Fellow Scholarship for Postdoctoral researchers in the US. (5 awards, $2,000 per each)

The application and all supporting documents must be received by March 31, 2024, 5:00 PM (ET) via online only.

Please visit the KSEA Scholarship and Fellowship website at for more detailed information and online application process.

Any questions not mentioned in the 2024 Scholarship website can be addressed to the KSEA Scholarship Committee at or

49th KSEA President Interview- Dr. Soolyeon Cho 

NC Chapter Member 이신 조술연 교수님께서 49대 KSEA 회장으로 인터뷰를 진행하셨습니다. 

23th KSEA President Interview- Dr. Moon Suh  

NC Chapter Member 이신 서문원 교수님께서 239대 KSEA 회장으로 인터뷰를 진행하셨습니다.